Hills Of Delafield

Delafield, WI

Located in the Town of Delafield, Wisconsin just east of Highway 83 and north of Summit Ave. (Highway 18), the Hills of Delafield subdivision is closer to the Village of Wales than the City of Delafield.

With its steeply sloping lots, panoramic views and scores of towering spruce trees, the neighborhood differs from most newer subdivisions, which are typically built on the flat fields of former farms where the tallest thing around is an abandoned silo.

Hills of Delafield Subdivision

Colorado and blue spruce trees are everywhere in the Hills of Delafield: lining the subdivision’s roads, filling corners of backyards and towering from the five landscaped islands that dot neighborhood streets.

Hills of Delafield Subdivision

Hills of Delafield location

HILLS OF DELAFIELD is located east of Hwy 83 and north of Hwy 18 in the Town of Delafield but is actually closer to Wales. Beautiful estates on large lots, this sub division boasts Colorado and blue spruce trees with rolling hills.